Themes for Volume 32
from the archives of Ten Penny Players
Waterways 38 Years of Publication
1979 - 2017

2011-12 themes were lines excerpted from poetry by James Penha published in Waterways.   James Penha edits the online Magazine, The New Verse News, presenting "politically progressive poetry on current events and topical issues."  His work on the web, books of poetry, and writing on curriculum design may be accessed at his website, James Penha's Pages.  He taught creative writing and literature for over 40 years in the U.S. and Asia.  His work has appeared frequently in Waterways since August, 1982.

volume 32 no 1
"I've had a life," she said
and smiled, satisfied.

from Part Of Your Life
Waterways, Volume 19, Number 1

volume 32 no 2 Wasps thrive on the porch
of my parents.  They are
allowed to be
who they are:
to nest;
to fly.

from Wasps
Waterways, Volume 16, Number 11

volume 32 no 3

And when behind me
                         the door closes

from A January Fun House
Waterways, Volume 16, Number 1

volume 32 no 4
The camera
does not lie
but I must

from Mazeppa Framed
Waterways, Volume 18, Number 3

volume 32 no 5Silence is
way it smells
like rain

from Silence Is
Waterways, Volume 16, Number 9

volume 32 no 6
They had heard how harmony feels
in the skin,

from Perfect Pitch
Waterways, Volume 17, Number 7

volume 32 no 7Tiny trunks are curious twigs to the gray timbers
portaging great bellies back
silently in to the bush
with the breeze.

from Mammoth Productions
Waterways, Volume 15, Number 3

volume 32 no 8
A history of water, color, and oil
I am this fossil old as time.

from The Fossil Knower (An Old Pantun from a Java Man)
Waterways, Volume 16, Number 3

volume 32 no 9The moon inhales
tonight -- inspiration in reverse:
it sucks the soul
from the shore and the field
from the grass, the cypress

from Gravity of Things
Waterways, Volume 20, Number 9

volume 32 no 10 Morning
incensed, inhaled.
Joss sticks smolder --
ashen dawn's dragon dreams

from Night of the  Dragon Dance
Waterways, Volume 18, Number 10

volume 32 no 11
At the bird market
we sang our songs and saw who harmonized

from Because Few Morning Gales Fly Through
Waterways, Volume 22, Number 7