from the archives of Ten Penny Players
Waterways: Poetry in the Mainstream
Volume 31
1979 - 2017

2010-11 themes are lines excerpted from poetry by Ida Fasel. 
Ida Fasel was professor emerita of English at the University of Colorado, Denver,
and appeared in Waterways: Poetry in the Mainstream since 1986.

volume 31 number 1

And I stare back,
one eye straight into clarity,
one transfixed on chaos.

from Covering the Distance
Waterways, Volume 11, Number 3, page 5

volume 31 number 2

Light breaks into a thousand thousand
pieces as sea lions slide in, splash,
come up almost standing, head slanting to sky.

from At the Zoo
Waterways, Volume 8, Number 4, page 17

volume 31 number 3
Sea change for me
is the way down
past the bright odd fishes
that glide dark to dark,
below the roiling, to the calm.

from Sea Change
Waterways, Volume 11, Number 6, page 10

volume 31 number 4

The cluttered Rhine
moves machinery and wine

from On the Rhine
Waterways, Volume 11, Number 2, page 30

volume 31 number 5

Lately the architect in me is emerging,
building up a tolerance for
the way the world is going, not my way

from Harmony Is a Haphazard Thing
Waterways, Volume 11, Number 2, page 31

volume 31 number 6

We live at peace in a house of war.
We get along not getting along.

from Ruckus
Waterways, Volume 11, Number 11, page 6

volume 31 number 7

He claimed to love all  humankind,
but was a despot and a fraud.

from Rich And Famous
Waterways, Volume 11, Number 8, page 10

voiume 31 number 8

Over snow and ice, storms, ledges, choked brooks, high winds
harmony holds its note till we hear,
yellow butterflies twang the strings of light.

from Hill House
Waterways, Volume 8, Number 5, page 31

volume 31 number 9

He loved to listen to Sousa marches,
loved to watch the high school band

from Always Faithful
Waterways, Volume 11, Number 4, page 18

volume 31 number 10
We never finished our conversation, my hand lightly
on yours not to add to pain, blood running down the sheet.

from Novice
Waterways, Volume 8, Number 8, page 5

volume 31 number 11
. . . I float my arms,
I take Pavlova’s attitude toward a flower,
fragrant to my outstretched fingertips.

from Roses
Waterways, Volume 8, Number 2, page 6