Poetry in the Mainstream

Bright with Animals

Themes for Volume 29

The 29th volume of Waterways was published in 11 issues during 2008-9.
Waterways has been published and co-edited since 1979 by Richard Spiegel and Barbara Fisher.
Let my words be bright with animalsHoping to fly like birds, But utterly exhausted, One can only watch the twilight pass away.i am watching the moon dance to the chanting of the frogs and the rhythm of the crickets
I remember there were horses thousands of horses with beautiful long manes.  God!  they were so beautiful, those horses, thundering across gthe prairie and free, free!Then who is digging on my grave.For I praise my cat Jasmine
A bird came down the walkLet's sing about the extinct Bengal tigers about giant PandasOn an early winter night two women went outside to wash corn for soup.
His talons drip with honey, His beak is full of gentian leavesWhere the bee sucks, there suck I.