Yitzak Iskowitz 1913
Yitzhok Iskowitz 1913Belle Fleier

The 28th volume of Waterways was published in 11 issues during 2007-8.
Monthly prompts were lines excerpted from Lola Ridge’s 1920 book, Sunup and other poems.
The pdf files below vary in size from 400k to 1M.

Volume 28  #1
We are old,
Old as song.
excerpt from Sons of Belial
Volume 28  #2
Centuries shall not deflect
nor many suns
absorb your stream,
flowing immune and cold
between the banks of snow.
excerpt from Mother
Volume 28  #3
Now you gleam softly triumphant
Folding immensities of light.
excerpt from Mother
Volume 28  #4
And the faint decayed patchouli -
Fragrance of New Orleans
Like a dead tube rose
Upheld in the warm air
Miraculously whole.
excerpt from Potpourri
Volume 28  #5 
I shall know you, secrets
by the litter you have left
and by your bloody foot-prints.
excerpt from Secrets
Volume 28  #6
builds her wall
about a dream impaled.
excerpt from After Storm
Volume 28  #7
Heave up, river...
Vomit back into the darkness your spawn of light.
excerpt from East River
Volume 28  #8
Austerely greeting the sun
With one chilly finger of stone...
I know your secrets.
excerpt from Skyscrapers
Volume 28  #9
Female and male,
Complete, indivisible one,
Fused into light.
excerpt from Electricity
Volume 28  #10
Aren't there bigger things to talk about
Than a window in Greenwich Village
And hyacinths sprouting
Like little puce poems out of a sick soul?
excerpt from Scandal
Volume 28  #11
This midnight the moon,
Playing virgin after all her encounters,
Will break another date with you.
excerpt from The Stone