magazine cover depicting bridge and sunset
The 27th volume of Waterways was published in 11 issues during 2006-7.
Lines excerpted from Samuel Johnsonís 1749 poem, The Vanity of Human Wishes, were monthly themes.
The pdf files below vary in size from 400k to 1M.

Volume 27 #1
How Nations sink by darling Schemes oppress'd,
When Vengeance listens to the Fool's Request.

lines 13-4
Volume 27 #2
Wealth heap'd on Wealth, nor Truth nor Safety buys,
The Dangers gather as the Treasures rise.
lines 27-8
Volume 27 #3
Once more Democritus, arise on Earth,
With cheerful Wisdom and instructive Mirth,
See motley Life in modern Trappings dress'd,
And feed with varied Fools th'ethernal Jest:
lines 49-52
Volume 27 #4
Where change of Fav'rites made on Change of Laws,
And Senates heard before they judg'd a Cause;
lines 59-60
Volume 27 #5
Deign on the passing World to turn thine Eyes,
And pause a while from Letters to be wise;
There mark what Ills the Scholar's Life assail,
Toil, Envy, Want, the Patron, and the Jail.
lines 157-60
Volume 27 #6
Around his Tomb let Art and Genius weep,
But hear his Death, ye Blockheads, hear and sleep.
lines 173-4
Volume 27 #7
Yet Reason frowns on War's unequal Game,
Where wasted Nations raise a single Name,
lines 185-6
Volume 27 #8
A Frame of Adamant, a Soul of Fire,
No Dangers fright him, and no Labours tire;
lines 193-4
Volume 27 #9
Fresh Praise is try'd till Madness fires his Mind,
The Waves he lashes, and enchains the Wind;
lines 231-2
Volume 27 #10
Enlarge my Life with Multitude of Days,
In Health, in Sickness, thus the Suppliant prays:
Hides from himself his State, and shuns to know,
That Life protracted is protracted Woe.
lines 255-8
Volume 27 #11
Who frown with Vanity, who smile with Art,
And ask the latest Fashion of the Heart,
What Care, what Rules, your heedless Charms shall save,
Each Nymph your Rival, and each Youth your Slave?
lines 327-330