magazine cover depicting bridge and sunset
The 26th volume of Waterways was published in 11 issues during 2005-6.
Lines excerpted from Don Marquis’s Archy and Mehitabel were monthly themes.
The pdf files below vary in size from 400k to 1M.

Volume 26 #1
i was once a vers libre bard but i died and my soul went into the body of a cockroach
(the coming of archy)
Volume 26 #2
ours is the zest of the alley cat
(mehitabel s extensive past)
Volume 26 #3
 . . . every goliath has his david and so on ad finitum
(the merry flea)
Volume 26 #4
the high cost of living isn t so bad if you don t have to pay for it
(the merry flea)
Volume 26 #5
and he did not have the mental stamina of a jonah to resist the insidious process of assimilation     
(the robin and the worm)
Volume 26 #6
being cleopatra was only an incident in my career 
(cheerio my deario)
Volume 26 #7
for two seasons i played the dog in joseph jefferson s rip van winkle
(the old trouper)
Volume 26 #8
you people who say you admire my work are always butting in and taking up my time
(archy hears from mars)
Volume 26 #9
all the history of human kind is written in the clots and filaments and quaint patterns and ideographs of spiders
(the spiders wrote it)
Volume 26 #10
i met an avalanche coming down as i was going up
(archy climbs everest)
Volume 26 #11
there s a dance in the old dame yet
(mehitabel joins the navy)
Little Egypt dancing circa 1890