An Arts in Service Project

Waterways' teaching artist, Pamela White, worked with Roslyn Kaye's class at the Frederick Douglass Literacy Center to compose a poem and create a very large book. Incorporating the arts experience into their Learn and Serve America project, the class performed the poem and presented the book to toddlers and staff of the LYFE center in the Marcy Avenue Complex.

Jason and rasta locks (a page from the book)

A quilt of fishes (a page from the book)

students at work
Working with art supplies in the classroom.

Ms. Martin working on the book
Para, Tawana Martin, joins students in the creation of the big book.

students perform at the LYFE center 
Students perform behind the big book to...

toddlers and adults appreciative audience at the LYFE center.

watching a monitor in class
Students and teacher review a videotape to reflect on their performance.

artist and teacher
Pamela White, Waterways' teaching artist, and Roslyn Kaye, Frederick Douglass Literacy Center classroom teacher.

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