Shamonn Rogers

A Waterways Project
Richard Spiegel
Barbara Fisher
Thomas Perry
administrative assistant

Ofelia Rodriguez Goldstein

P911, Center for Color Continuing Education
Pregnant and Parenting Student Services
Maria Torchia, Principal
Danette Queen, Assistant Principal

Richard Organisciak, Superintendent
Alternative, Adult and Continuing Education,
Schools and Programs

Funding support from
New York State Council on the Arts


As I lay in this coffin
people look down and stare.
I hope I look decent, acceptable;
not like a Barbie Doll because
I never looked like her.
Please let me look relaxed and
at peace, ready
to join friends and family in

I did the best I could with
what I had.
Even though life was never easy.
Nine years of me was too much
for mother.
So off I went to another and this
other led to others.
That is why love didn't find
my home too often.

People look down but cannot see
here lies a dreamer who lost her
dream. One who wanted life's best
for her son.

One who prayed for acceptance
and a mother to help me on.
But now is too late
for my life on earth
is done.


The Joy I miss.
The Appreciation you gave us.
The Nice person you were.
The Energy you had.
The Talent you've left me.


I hate you badly.
I hope you die in pain;
blood running out from all
the pores in your body as
your eyes pop up.
Look at you, standing there
watching me.
Die, you bastard, you nasty
boy. Your legs should break
in two, so that you'll never be
able to run away. A ball of fire
should drop right on top of your
head and burn you down to your
toes. Being with you makes me
sick. You are a good for nothing
bastard who should go down six
feet under.
As I pass by your coffin,
I'll laugh with anger. When you
die my life will be much better.


What's up girl?
Aren't you tired of carrying
that load? I've waited nine months
to come to pay you a visit. Now
here I am. Let's have some fun.
Don't be afraid. I promise not
to hurt you a lot. After all
you've been through, the next
few hours should be a breeze.
You'll thank me later. I'm really
a friend. Did I hear screams?
Did they come from you?
You must trust me girl.
We've got work to do.


I am
a butterfly
lying on the wet crab grass,
waiting for the sun to raise my


Beetle bugs beat
Bugs Bunny's butt
Bumping bumpety bumps
Blood backs up behind Bugs' back
Back backing bunny's buns
Beating better buddies
Beetle bugs bunnies bumped.


Teenage girls are having babies
from dumb guys.
Teenage girls give up quickly their
happy lives.
Teenage girls look up to guys for
Teenage girls don't realize they are
better off by themselves.
Teenage girls think having a baby will
bring them love.
Teenage girls don't realize a baby is more
work than they are ready for.
Teenage girls have to learn to be their
best friends.
Teenage girls must realize a guy turns
out to be different than at first.
Teenage girls don't realize how quickly
love turns into pain.


Let me be
Me your love
Your perfect rose
Perfect red petals
Red like lips
Like open hearts
Open wide arms
Wide tender songs
Tender soft skin
Soft as snow
As white doves
White baby corn
Baby was me
Was far away
Far rushes hell
Rushes the day
The gold ring
Gold like heaven
Like seeds blooming
Seeds planted deep
Deep inside me
Inside special places
Special are you.


I am a yellow soft bird
Flying in the early morning
Wondering what will happen
To me. I sit alone and keep waiting
For my lover to come.
As life goes on
My wings give me
Strength to move on so I could
Smell the flowers in the morning.
When I pass your way all
You will hear is a soft song coming
Into your window
And I'll dance in the rain
While waiting to be loved.
Often I'm cold and freezing but
No one takes me in.
I m afraid of being hurt
By the same ones who leave me all by
Myself. But I have to move on with
My wings full of pain. Wondering
What will happen tomorrow.


I'm hurt
I'm hurt because I can't rule
I'm hurt because I've lost control
I'm hurt because I wanted to let go
I'm hurt because of the many lies
I've been told.
I'm hurt because life has changed
Too much.
I'm hurt because I feel helpless
I'm hurt because nothing could
Ever be the same it used to be
Before I met him.


It hurts to know that you
Are gone.
Each time I see
Your picture I cry. Today
I'm sorry I didn't listen to
You. I went my own way
Instead. When you told
Me go to school and not to
Get into any problems, I didn't
And I did.
I got into a fight.
I wanted to kill this time
I was angry, really angry. When
I took the knife.
I didn't care what happened
I wanted to kill.
But to be locked up
Makes one think.
Like the girl could die. She
Could be disfigured. She
Could be crippled.
And as these thoughts ran through
My mind
My biggest worry was
That you might leave me if
I dared to fight.


Joy and happiness you bring.
Eyes that twinkle just for me.
Quiet smile light up my life.
Unique child of mine. You
Are so nice.
Never forget you are my star.


It hurts to know you are my
Father. My family
Says I look like you. When I see you on
The street I cry my heart out.
Why were you never there for me?
I wish you died and never came back.
Every time I hear your name I say to
Myself you should get shot in the
Heart. Your skin should peel off and
The rats should eat it all.
I don't need you
In my life. My son doesn't need you as
A grandfather.
My life is great without
I think.


My special day was the day
I brought my child into the world,
March 17, 1998. My heart was heavy laden
Because I knew a prince had been born.
Even though fear stayed away,
My nerves showed up to play.
Nine months of waiting for this day
Prepared my nerves for pain.
But pain never showed up when my baby
Was on the way. He saluted the world with a
Big sneeze. Tears of joy rained down my face.
Nine months is a long time to wait for
A special day.
When I look at him my eyes light up
Like a bright morning star each time
I remember...


Mother used to say
If trouble comes your way
Run the other way. Because,
If you don't walk away, trouble
Will stay. And if trouble stays.
I will have to come in. And if I
Come in we will have to fight.
And if we fight someone will
Get hurt.
And if someone gets hurt,
You will do time.
And if you do time
You will put your life on hold
And if you put your life on hold
You'll miss a good part of
Your life.

In Search of a Song