Ten Penny Players'
Activities Scrapbook

A. Thomas Perry Performing at ESP Summer Seminar (2003)

Goblin Market (1985)
Arts in Education Professional Development (2000)
Bringing Great Small Works to the Brooklyn Literacy Center (200))
Barbara Fisher's Teaching Artist Journals (2002)
Brooklyn Literacy Center Students Service Learning Project (2001)
Distinguished Service to the Arts In Education Field Award (2003)
Empire State Partnerships Summer Seminar (2001) First Editions at PS 53 (2005)
In Search of a Song (2003)
High School
Literary Arts Fair

Learn and Serve America Celebration (2003)
Magdalena Gomez and Ron McBee Perform (2002)
Ofelia Rodriguez Goldstein and Ron McBee perform (2002)
Afterschool at Goodhue (2009)
COAHSI Interviews
Ten Penny Players
"Dolls" by Sarah Wilkins and Roxanna Mennella
Staff Development for Island Academy (2003)
RIEF Student Art Show (2002)

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