NYS Education Department’s Visual Arts Standard 1 states: Students create artworks in which they use and evaluate different kinds of mediums, themes, symbols, metaphors and images.

NYS Education Department’s English Language Arts Standard 2 states: Students will write pieces in a variety of literary forms, correctly using the conventions of the genre and using structure and vocabulary to achieve an effect.

It was felt that making picture books with definite rubrics and guidelines would give students new ways of thinking, approaching, and articulating not only their academic subjects, but also their sense of self, purpose, and aspirations for the future.

The course is designed to allow each student to find his or her own best methods of working.  The activities in each lesson give students tools for exploring their own knowledge and experience, acquiring new expertise, and constructing their own story.  It is a 10 week curriculum, with each week having a specific theme and tasks that take the students step-by-step toward the creation of their books.