Teaching Artists, Agencies,
and Literary Presses
Friends and Partners

 D. Nurkse 

 Molly Barker
 Ofelia Rodriguez Goldstein

 Robert Evans

 Great Small Works

 J. Ashton Brathwaite

Ellen Aug Lytle


 Barbara Fisher

 Magdalena Gómez
Bread and Puppet Circus
 Magie Dominic
Empire State Partnership
Puppetry in Practice
Michele Beck
 Louis Reyes Rivera
Enid Dame
 Frank Stearns
 Liza Jessie Peterson
Donald Lev
NYC Arts in Ed. Roundtable
 Thelma Ruffin Thomas
 Michael Mao Dance
 A. Thomas Perry
 Jonathan Sharp

Association of Teaching Artists

 Alison Zadrow

 Ron McBee

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