At Old Town by Jerome Campbell

Abstraction from Cezanne by M. M. Nichols

Berry Blue by M. M. Nichols

Blackout Sonnets by Joan Larkin

Celebration Flight and Song by Toby Glanternik Dennison

Chelsea Afternoon by Elaine Jones

Eye to Eye by Gertrude Morris

First Day of Spring by Toby Glanternik Dennison

Forget Me Nots by Patricia Vidiksis (read by John Barbarino)

Garden Angels by M. M. Nichols

Grief by Donald Lev

High on Three Cups of Tea by Barbara Holland

If You Should See a Man by Ted Joans

In the Jefferson Market Garden by Gertrude Morris

Kenneth by Elaine Jones

Lilith by Enid Dame

Look Out There by Robbi

Married to the Muse by Ruth Lisa Schechter

Mathematical Poetry by Ernest Robson

Mr. Tso’s Folk Dancers by Gertrude Morris

Plague by Esther Travis

Pol Pots Tabula Rasa by Ed McPhillips

Prelude to a Rhyme by Nelson Lopez

Snapshot by Ronald Singer

Tale of Dan de Leon by Thomas M. Disch

This One’s For You by Louis Reyes Rivera

Train Waves by Esther Travis

Wally Poems by Darryl Johnson

What the Old Horse Had to Say by Jerome Campbell

Why by Peggy Raduziner (read by Thomas Perry)